Thriving Against The Odds

You too can thrive against the odds limiting advancement in your career and life. .

To succeed in the current dynamic operating environment, organisations have to deal

with multifaceted and complex challenges. The expectation is for professionals,

executives and leaders in these organisations to thrive in spite of the odds.

Drawing from practical examples and real life situations and illustrations, this Book

highlights ample evidence that people waste opportunities to thrive. The author then

focused on 15 areas of identified challenges. These have been explored as ‘ideas’ to

better equip professionals and other individuals to thrive and keep advancing in career

and life despite the daunting odds.

Discover the opportunities and possibilities, also what others have done to stand out

and thrive. Specifically, you will be equipped to be proactive, and be poised to develop

the mindset to thrive despite the odds, and advance in your career and life.

About The Author

Samson’s book reflects his love and passion of partnering to develop and grow identified talents, professionals and corporate executives, as well as teams and private individuals. He partners in a way to free them up, drive results to boost their levels of success, and to achieve the desired objectives.

He was the Head of Human Resources for Nestlé in Nigeria, and then after appointed to the position of Head of Human Resources for Nestlé in Central & West Africa. Samson was later posted to the Nestlé Global Head Office in Switzerland where he served on an expatriate status for about 12 years. He is a certified Strengths Coach by the Gallup Organisation; a Center for Coaching Certification USA Certified Master Coach, as well as an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed Associate Certified Coach. Currently, Samson is the CEO of Thrive Coaching Centre and HR Consulting Services Limited, and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Samson and his team are driven by the belief that their clients can make it against the odds in life and career and thrive, and work with their clients to improve their ability to do so.