Compensation & Benefits Management

To enhance and promote employee engagement and retention, we work with our clients to apply our Rewards management competence in the following areas:

a) Assessment of Status of Rewards Offering

We partner to assess the status of the Rewards (compensation & benefits) offerings of our clients, with the view to establishing gaps, and to install business sector, local and world class competitive advantage Rewards programs, processes, and practices.

b) Building Rewards Policies & Principles

Collaborate in building Corporate Rewards (Compensation & Benefits) Policies and Principles based on our Clients established needs which may include amongst others:

  • External Competitiveness
  • Internal Coherence
  • Risk and rewards
  • Affordability and governance
  • Values and well-being
  • Execution and sharing successes

c) Enhancing Rewards (Compensation & Benefits management) Capability through Training & Workshops;

 Enhance the Rewards management capabilities of Organisational Leaders, HR Professionals, Line Managers and general knowledge of employees on Corporate Rewards Policies and practices.

d) Evolving Effective Strategies for Employee/Talent Retention;

Employee/talent retention continues to be a hot topic, in an operating environment of intense competition for scarce talents. We partner with clients to reduce employee turnover and the associated costs, and for our clients to hold on to valuable talent longer for Business success by implementing appropriate customised strategies defined to get this done.