Providing Employee/Talent Attraction, Engagement & Retention Solutions for Business Success & Growth. 

Employee/talent attraction, engagement and retention continues to be a hot topic in the current operating environment of intense competition for scarce talents.

These are competencies we have acquired through high level professional training, local and international exposure and work experiences.

We leverage on international standards in offering our coaching services, as well as our Compensation and Benefits management expertise.

We employ these in partnering with our clients to enhance employees/talents attraction engagement and retention, thereby reducing unwanted turnover and the associated costs. Consequently, our clients more easily attract employees, and hold on to valuable talent longer by implementing appropriate customised strategies defined to get this done.


To be a leading Leadership/Executive & Strengths Coaching Centre, and the partner of choice for
HR Services related to employee/talent attraction, engagement & retention.


Our Executive/Leadership Coaching Services

Given our rapidly changing world and the associated uncertainty and instability, we partner through coaching to support the development and sustained advancement of professionals, executives and leaders both in their businesses and families.

In the process, we create outcomes that enable our clients successfully manage the odds, leading to thriving lives/careers and growth for their organizations.

Human Resources/Total Rewards

We support clients with top class HR management strategies/practices aimed at enhancing employee/talent engagement and retention and drastically reduce staff/talent turnover costs.


  1. World class coaching competencies (leveraged on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics www.coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics
  2. Original content in a Book showcasing some of our expertise and experience; Thriving Against The Odds – 15 Ideas For Professionals, Executives & Leaders to Sustain Advancement
  3. Our own career path showing diverse and rich progression locally and internationally in 5 countries
  4. Extensive local & international experience in top leadership roles and in the C-Suite
  5. Team approach and measurable results
  6. Our Values


  1. Authenticity:                                                                                                                       (Being examples of the same principles & practices we present)
  1. Credibility:                                                                                                                         (Trust in our word & services – and SAFE business transactions)
  1. Professional Excellence:                                                                                                  (Based on international standards)
  1. Individualised/personalised service/care:                                                                 (Based on understanding of each Client’s situation)